Paw-Paw and Mistress 11.21.16

Paw-Paw had a massive stroke 2 years ago. He now lives in a nursing home back in Cleveland. My mom goes to see him several times a week but we haven’t had a chance to travel back since before he had the stroke.

This year, the day before Paw-Paw’s birthday, I was standing in my kitchen complaining about Mistress.

Mistress is a sweet bunny who was bred about 1 month ago. It seemed to me that she was way past due so I was making plans for rabbit soup. Mistress showed me and had 6 babies on Paw-Paw’s birthday. Half of them didn’t make it but the other three are thriving. Have you ever seen a baby bunny? I mean, a sweet, 11 day old bunny?

This is Verdine. Isn’t he sweet? Paw-Paw’s grand-babies decided he should have the honor of naming the kits since they were born on his birthday. Gram (my mother) helped out since Paw-Paw has a hard time speaking. Ralph-Philip, Maurice and Verdine. Yeah, she named them after Earth, Wind & Fire. Ha!

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