My big mistake – 01.19.2017

Alaska weather never ceases to amaze me. This morning it was -37 degrees outside. I knew I had to get outside to make sure that my animals were well fed and watered. In these temperatures, that’s about the only thing that’s keeping them warmish and alive. I kept myself warm with two down coats, a down skirt, a wool hat, some moon boots and some worthless work gloves. I was warm all the way until the last stretch. When I went in to give the rabbits fresh and warm water, I had to put my hand in the heated water bucket to fish out the water dishes. We toss in the frozen ones the night before and retrieve them the next time we water them. That was my first big mistake. After my hands came out that water, it felt like they were going to freeze into a block of ice. I put back on the worthless work glove and headed back to the house. That’s when I realized my eyelashes were frozen. I had to take a picture to share with you. My hand was thoroughly frozen but look at the frost? Alaska sure is amazing. 

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  1. ebonierika says:

    No way I could endure that cold. I’m almost embarrassed to say I can’t handle Texas winters.

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    1. farmingsista says:

      It takes a while to get acclimated to the weather. My first few winters here, I was freezing! Now my blood’s a bit more thicker.

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    2. farmingsista says:

      I would love to try Texas in the winter. It’s probably like Springtime here. 🙂


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