What it’s like having a baby with Down Syndrome

Even before I was married with any kids, I always knew that there was a chance of me having a child with special needs. I always told myself I would stop having kids at 40 because I knew after that, my chances increased with having a child with special needs. The older I got the more I wrestled with the idea. I wonder if God was preparing me for what He could already could see in my DNA? From what I’ve read, children with Down Syndrome get it from their mothers. I’ve always been scared to have a baby with special needs. Shoot I felt like I was barely keeping it together with my children, how could I possibly manage to add a child with special needs to the equation. I just hoped it never happened to us. But over the years I’ve had a spot in my heart that has grown for babies with Down Syndrome. God was working on my heart.

Fresh Ginger

We didn’t know Ginger had Down Syndrome until she was born. All of her ultrasounds looked normal and we don’t get that additional testing they like to give 40+ year old mothers. When she was born, the doctor sat down and started telling us her symptoms, (she has slanted eyes, the tops of her ears were folded, she had a straight crease going from the right to the left of her palms, her muscle tone is a little weak) he was just taking so long to get to the point that I had a feeling he was going to tell us that she had Down Syndrome. I don’t know if I was shocked. I was just so happy she was healthy and didn’t have to go to the NICU.

Buddy Walk 2019

God has brought her so far, I know He’s going to use her for amazing things including helping me grow into a better mommy. When I was pregnant with Ginger, I thought I was having another miscarriage. (I miscarried twins a couple years ago). I was bleeding and didn’t know why. I had an ultrasound and Ginger was hopping and dancing around in my belly. It was almost like she was saying, “Heyyy! Can you see me in here? I’m alright! I’m still here!” I was 12 weeks along. The doctor didn’t want to officially put me on bed rest but my husband and I had a different idea. I went on full bed rest for months. It was so boring but by the grace of God, Ginger continued to grow and thrive. It turns out that I had a placenta abruption. To this day, I don’t even know what caused it but God blessed Ginger’s time in my belly.

Happy Ginger

I think God must of saw that my placenta had did all that it could. When the contractions started, I wasn’t even sure if it was real labor. I was only 36 weeks along and I wasn’t ready to have her yet. I had just started nesting and nothing was ready for her arrival. Thankfully I made it to the hospital room and kneeled on the floor in pain, trying to work through my contractions. All the while begging for the “epidural man”. They broke the bad news to me that baby was coming before my beloved epidural man could save me from the pain I thought I would suffer. After all, I was 7cm when I got to the hospital at 7:20p. Ginger was born at 7:46p. If we waited much longer Ginger would’ve been born in the car.

Ginger love

From the moment I got Ginger’s diagnosis, I’ve been at peace about it all. I did have one night that my over active imagination kept me awake for a few hours. Funny I don’t remember what I was worrying about exactly. I’m sure it was the fear of the unknown though.

Fearfully and Downright Wonderfully Made

Ginger is like all of our other children. She looks like her brothers and sisters. I think she looks just like me but I think all of our kids do. Baby Ginger is by far the easiest baby we’ve ever had. I wasn’t able to breast feed her like I did my other children. She wasn’t able to latch on which sometimes happens with babies who have Down Syndrome. It is a little more work washing bottles and pumping every 3-4 hours. But let me tell you….Ginger has been sleeping through the night for most of her time outside the belly! She just turned 5 months old! She has her last bottle around 11p and she sleeps at least to 9a. I’ve never been so well rested with any of my other kids. She currently doesn’t have any food allergies like all my other kids did/do. She has the sweetest personality ever. She’s always smiling and she’s starting to laugh too. We all love and adore her. My 4 year son kisses her more than all of us combined and she loves it.

So much love

We’re all so thankful for her and wouldn’t change a thing about her.

Sweet Ginger

12 Comments Add yours

  1. Tifphany says:

    Baby Ginger and family are downright awesome!!


    1. farmingsista says:

      Thank you Tifphany! Congratulations on you marriage! You looked beautiful! ❤️


  2. Marvelousworks_ says:

    This was so beautiful to read and Ginger is a blessed little girl to come into a family full of love. God was truly preparing you years before you were even married for this special gift named Ginger. God knew you and he knew her. She is fearfully and wonderfully made and you’ve replaced the fear of the unknown of having a child with down syndrome with faith in the unknown. She is a blessing and your family is beautiful . With all the love and care that she receives you are all gifts to each other. Thank you for sharing your heart with us and may God continue to bless you and your family.


    1. farmingsista says:

      Thank you for your kindness.


  3. Monique says:

    Beautiful blog and a beautiful family


  4. Blanca says:

    Your love story filled my ❤ I’ve seen first hand, famlies that don’t limit their children with special needs. Instead they allow their children opportunities, challenges and failures to build who they are suppose to be. Also, they seem to thrive so much more!!


    1. farmingsista says:

      Thank you Blanca.


  5. akinsler says:

    So much love is right! With our 2nd baby we were told she had Down syndrome. I was preparing for this beautiful little girl with an extra chromosome when we found out she had something different and fatal. I can’t put into words the amount of joy I get from seeing Ginger grow and thrive. She is such a blessing.


    1. farmingsista says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your baby Alia.


  6. Valorie says:

    Beautiful cuz ♥️


    1. farmingsista says:

      Thanks cous! ❤️


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