Chi! Chi! Chi-Ken!

The girls greeted us when we got home. These Speckled Sussex are the smartest and nicest chickens we’ve ever had. They even come when we call them. “Chi! Chi! Chi-Ken!” They come a running because they know we have treats. Even if they hear our door open, they come running. These girls let us pet […]

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The birth of Charlie 

On Thursday, May 4th we went out to the barn and to our surprise Becky had one huge buckling and Charity had one little doeling. I knew that Becky was all done kidding. Her buckling was licked dry and looked well fed. Charity on the other hand, her doeling still looked wet. Charity looked like […]

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Break up in Alaska

10p in Alaska With each passing day, we are gaining over 5 minutes of light. Right now we’re at around 15 hours of daylight and the snow is almost gone. Everything is really muddy and wet. One of my favorite things about this time of year is that I don’t have to carry anymore buckets […]

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Meet Nikki – 11.15.16

Hey! My name is Nikki. I’m married to Bobby. We have 5 children that I homeschool. Mr. Legos – 10 years old Ms. Spice – 8 years old Ms. Pepperoni – 6 years old Mr. Ezzie – 4 years old Mr. Baby – 2 months We live on a small farm in Alaska. After years […]

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